Jessica Pommerehne

Born on 29.09.1977 in Hildesheim. Grown up near Hildesheim, now living in the Hanover region.

Since 2002 married to Matthias Pommerehne

Professional background: skilled medical assistant, education of our 3 children (8,13,14 years old)

Since 2016 I work in our company CapeCon Luxuryvillas

My main focus: customer care, administration, interior design


Matthias Pommerehne

Born on 17.12.1974 in Hildesheim, he grew up in the Hannover region, now living in the Hanover region.

Since 2002 I have been working as a pilot for a large holiday airline.

How we came to Florida

Florida and Cape Coral grew very close to our hearts. In 2010 we had spent the first longer holiday there. Everyone was excited! We enjoyed the sun with the beautiful sunsets, the beach, the boat, our newfound friends – the “Florida virus” grabbed us.

Many more vacations followed in Cape Coral in very different villas and houses until we bought our own property. We took a lot of time during the house planning. In 2015 our Villa “The Luxus “ was finished.

We want to evolve

Villa The Luxury is one of the first modern villas in Cape Coral. She was booked out very quickly in the rental and there was also keen interest in buying. From this developed the idea to build and sell high-quality houses and villas in the luxury segment even on behalf of customers.

We can do that even better!

In 2017 we sold our first villa and are now in the process of implementing our next construction projects. Together with our partner Paul Beattie from Beattie Development, we focus on luxurious villas in a simple, reductionist style.

The use of regenerative energy is a special concern of ours. We therefore offer complete photovoltaic systems including a storage battery or an infeed into the public grid (“net metering”). We can also realize the use of additional, natural and regenerative resources up to a complete off-grid house.

Can you imagine that for yourself? Then contact us, we look forward to your ideas!

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