Utilize it!

In Sunshine State Florida, the sun shines on average between seven hours a day in December and ten hours a day in July. Time enough to use the power of the sun not only on the beach, but also in the house.

Haus mit Solarzellen
Solar panels save you the environment, save energy costs and often produce more energy than you consume.

If you also want to provide your villa sustainably and environmentally neutral with electricity from sunlight, we equip your home with state-of-the-art photovoltaic systems from Amerisolar Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Co., Ltd. Amerisolar is a manufacturer of solar modules in various designs and is internationally certified (TÜV, JET, KTL, MCS, CEC, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSMS18001, Golden Sun). The production sites are located in the USA, Korea, Japan and China.

Achieve optimum performance with top products

We use inverters from the German manufacturer SMA, which experience shows that the best results are achieved.

If your system produces more electricity than you consume (which is likely to be), you have the choice of either storing the excess energy or feeding it into the public grid (“net metering”).

Safe supply through net metering

Net metering is the feeding of surplus energy into the public power grid (during the day) against offsetting with the consumption by the respective electricity provider (at night). Depending on where you are based in Florida, we will be happy to contact your local supplier to determine the best solution for you.

The big advantage of net metering is the secure power supply of your house even without storage medium. In this case, your system is dimensioned so that the best possible balance between feed-in and consumption is achieved.

Energy storage in powerful batteries

The alternative to net metering is the storage of excess energy in modern batteries. In this case we use batteries of the German manufacturer sonnen GmbH. In Germany and Europe, sonnen is the market leader for decentralized battery storage. Of course, in this case you are also connected to the public network if your system should not be ready for use.

How we work

If you decide for a solar system of us, then follows for the exact tuning a personal meeting. On this occasion, we work out an individual solution that is tailored to your needs and that we implement in a concept of your plant. After a final agreement with you then the order and the assembly takes place.



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